'Dance to Come Together' MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW

In an effort to create something truly unique and inspiring, the artist Lisa Maito sets out on a journey to express equality and love amongst all people through the art of music, creativity and dance. In the AELO Music Video Lisa performed around New York City dressed in a very creative blue costume covered with crystals. She appears as the character of AELO, someone that is not limited by the typical lifestyle. As she moves through different scenery in various urban environments she interacts as 'AELO the futuristic muse' in a beautifully inspiring way with the many diverse people of New York City. Many smiles full of happiness and joy follow her as she shared her vision of tolerance, openness and acceptance for each other, and the freedom to show individuality through creativity. 

Accompanying this graceful performance is the song 'Dance To Come Together'. A smooth and upbeat harmony. Lisa's voice flows perfectly with the ambient music played throughout the video. This ambient-electronical music is an amazing match for each scene and to bridge between AELO and her interactions with New York City and the people.
You could certainly consider it an ambient house style music because of the various elements that gives it an entirely different atmosphere regarding the contemporary music of today. From the beginning of the music video with a beautiful view of our earth, AELO arrives through a beam of light and graces us with her elegant voice and inspiring appearance. She sings to dance to come together, dance to find the truth, and to dance to love each other. A message that affects many people, regarding difficult life circumstances, especially today, in order to leave their place of comfort. Her message is an invitation to face life with energy, creativity and expressions of emotions, feelings and imaginations.
Not everyone needs to be famous in order to get a life-changing message across to the world, they just need the desire to make a positive change. Lisa Maitos unique production 'AELO the futuristic muse' has tremendous potential to hit peoples hearts globally.